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Ugh, solids!

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Posted 09 April 2010 - 05:36 PM

Asalaamu Alaykum,

My last post, M. was only five months and not ready for solids but I was trying to learn about baby-led weaning and stuff. I started him on solids at 7 months as he had begun showing signs of readiness (grabbing food, trying to eat things, put them in his mouth, sitting up...etc). My plan was to do the baby led weaning thing so I started with some baked, soft, sweet potato cut into wedges. Since then I have also tried a few other things, gave him a bit of chicken, little bread, some hummus...etc, and it has been hard to say the least. For one, he is not too interested in really eating it, plays with it a bit, gnaws on it and then throws it away, then when he did find something he was interested in eating we started with the dreaded gagging.

I read all the stuff, I know I am not supposed to freak out, but we can't help it, as soon as he starts gagging, I freak out (even if its just inside), I get very nervous, doubt myself, and want to go swipe a finger and pull the piece out and even though my dh knows its ok and understands he is supposed to leave him, when it happens, a lot of times he ends up picking him up out of the seat trying to get him out. I don't think I can handle it lol. He gags every time he eats the finger foods, and a couple times he's been biting off bigger pieces than I think he can handle and it just sits their in his mouth, making me more nervous. So, I haven't been giving him much solids, mainly just breastmilk but I feel like I am failing trying to get him to do the baby-led weaning thing. Like maybe I am wrong and I should have just gone the way of purees and mashes?

But the thing is, from a logical standpoint it makes SO much sense to me, so logically I don't want to do purees or anything like that because it does not make as much sense. I want him to develop a good appetite and appreciate foods as they are, to eat what we eat, to have him learn to chew before he learns to swallow. It doesn't make sense to me that when babies are getting their nutrition from breastmilk and really only need solids for 'fun' and learning rather than actual nutrition or filling, to shovel a bowl of baby food puree into their mouth as 'filler'.

I have also given him some of that YoBaby baby yogurt and he actually LOVES that. Today he ate almost a whole container (4 oz) by himself of that and he was clearly enjoying it. This just made me second guess attempting the blw thing even more. sad.gif

Any advice, my dear sisters?

ETA: He has two teeth by the way mashaallah. Not sure if that matters smile.gif.

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Posted 09 April 2010 - 06:04 PM

salamu aleykum,
dears sister, don't worry about the fact if your children will like solids after eating purees and mashes, he will inchAllah! i have four children , after and with breastfeeding they all got mashes and purees and none of them complained for solids, at the opposite , when they see other children eating things they ask for the same.
But the problem is , as long as your children has no tooth to chew with he just can't eat solids, but he needs the nutritionnel elements of the food. You don't have the choice you have to mix the food first before you give solids. When the child eat solids without chewing well it can cause winds that hurts him.
Try soups, purees of apple , potatoes mixed finely with meat and carrots and a little bit of orange juice to help the organism to resorb the iron. When he is one year old you can begin with cowmilk which is very rich in benefitting elements, that doesn't mean you stop breastfeeding, you give both, mothermilk and cowmilk.

It's totally normal that your child don't eat' "well" it is a very difficult age concerning eating.
My youngest son is now the best eater of all mashAllah, when he was a baby i let him play and feeded him with a spoon til he just can't eat anymore, and slowly , slowly got him used to sit at a table and not play anymore and run away, this took maybe 2- 3 years but it worth it.
In my memory bread was a great solid to begin because it get's smooth in the mouth of the children.

Salamu aleykum

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Posted 09 April 2010 - 06:08 PM

Assalamu alaikom

As with many parenting choices, the one that we make is not the only right way.  Since you're not fully comfortable with your way, open up to trying a new way.

Since he clearly loved the yogurt, I recommend you not hold so hard to your first idea and try mashing up a bit of banana with a fork.  If you are so against feeding him with a spoon then see what he will do with it himself.  Baby-led weaning can also mean that he will eat when he is ready, no?  You are not sneaking in rice cereal into his bottle, for example.  To me, that is too much.  But feeding him with a spoon is not.  Human babies cannot find food for themselves like little animals.. they need our help whether by breast, bottle, or spoon. I think you are right to listen to him as to when he is full, but go ahead and feed the boy with a spoon!  Give the purees a shot and see how you feel about it.  If he loves it, then why not continue.  If you still feel it's not right after you give it a shot, then go back to what you are doing now.  But he is still too young, in my opinion, to be taking bites of food.  I still monitor my 15 month old very carefully if she is holding something she can take a bite of (even banana) b/c they can bite off waaay more than they can chew.

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Posted 09 April 2010 - 06:25 PM


babies need to learn to "eat" and use the jaws to help mush food up.  Even if it is purees they still do the mushing with the tongues.

And I agree with miss pink, use a spoon, they need to learn what eating utensile are and how to use them, it is something they will grow to learn to use.

He however should not have any solid bites.  Everything should be soft and puree (typical baby food).  
I never did solids with ds until after 1 year when he had teeth, and by solids i mean cheerios, bananas ect.  Up until 1 year baby food and cereal.  And he was using a spoon by the age of 2 biggrin.gif

Do worry it will get easier.

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Posted 09 April 2010 - 09:10 PM

Assalamu alaikum,

Of course, he will gag on a piece of chicken!

I am not aware of all the implications of baby-lead weaning but  how can it be "normal" for a baby to gag?

Listen, we, as adults, we chew the food. If we take a too big a bite, then we have a problem and we gag or we develop a hiccups or we find it very unpleasant. Shouldn't it be the same for babies?

You can give him family foods without giving him big pieces. What kind of family food can you give?

French fries (they will suck it little by little)
bread, especially french or pitta bread.
You can actually mix some bread with any sauce that you have cooked.
cooked vegetables
minced meat in any form nearly

That's all what my brain can come up right now.

Also, do not be surprised that your son might suddenly less food and refuses food. If this continues for 2 meals, then he might be developing an infection.

May Allah ease your affairs.

Umm Hanifa

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Posted 10 April 2010 - 08:32 AM

Assalaamou alaykoum,

Sister, My sweetie will soon be eleven months but I have not started giving him finger foods yet.  His sister was different. She started walking earlier and even started fingerfoods earlier.  Each baby is different even when they are brothers ad sisters.

As long as your little one has an appetite.  Praise Allah.  this age can be difficult for some moms and babies.

Don't rush your sweetie.  He'll let you know he wants to eat what your eating by grabbing it from your hand.  

Also, give him plenty of oppurtunities to taste.  If he knows what you're eating he'll be more likely to ask for some.

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Posted 14 April 2010 - 03:23 AM


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Posted 30 April 2010 - 02:39 AM

Assalamu alaykum,

Sister Aisha, Zainab just turned 5 months a week ago, mashallah she loves eating WHATEVER it is I give her, whether it's sweet potaoes, squash, or mangoes. She loves just about everything. I buy organic vegetables, either steam, boil, or roast them in the oven and puree them and feed it to her with a spoon. If Mohammed is not willing to try solids yet, give him time, but meanwhile you could try a little mashed up banana or some chunky potatoes and carrots and let him do his thing. I believe in exploring when it comes to baby food.

Umm Zainab

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Posted 06 May 2010 - 10:42 PM

Asalaamu Alaykum,

Just realized I never responded to this. Jazakhiallahu khayr to all the advice. Just to be clear I wasn't feeding him huge pieces of chicken LOL. I took a little bit of shredded, cooked chicken and smushed it up wink.gif. Since I wrote this I have tried MANY things. I tried giving him big pieces to bite off from and suck on by himself, I've given small pieces, smashed but chunky, I've even given purees and 'baby food'. But he did not like all of it, he would eat a little of any of it but was not super interested and instead would choke/gag on any and all of it (even the purees). The only thing that he consistently loves and would eat is the baby yogurt. Strange how he acts so different with that specifically, never thought he'd be a yogurt fiend. Anyway, for these reasons I just decided to take a break from worrying about baby food and went back to exclusively breastfeeding him only (although I know some people are bothered by this since he is 8 months) and every couple weeks or so I offer him food to see if he will take it and not gag and make it difficult but as of now he has not done so. And I do keep giving him yogurt though now and then since he likes it alhamdulilah.

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