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Encouragement from Sh. Al Uthaymeen Rahimahullah

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Posted 18 July 2006 - 01:43 PM


الحمد الله رب العالمين، وصلى الله على نبينا محمد الأمين، وعلى آله صحبه، وأشهد أن لا إله إلا الله، وحده لا شريك له، وأشهد أن محمدًا عبده ورسوله أما بعد

السلام عليكُنَّ ورحمة الله وبركاته

An encouragement from Shaikh al-Uthaymeen-rahimahullah-to study the Arabic language

Taken from the intro of his explanation to al-Aajuroomeeyah pgs 5-6
Translated by Aboo Imraan al-Mekseekee

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful
All praise is for Allah Lord of all the worlds, and peace & blessings be upon our prophet Muhammad, and on his family, and all of his companions. To proceed:

Verily the study of the science of An-Nahwu* (Arabic grammar) is a noble science, a science of attainment, it is a means that brings one to obtain two important matters:

The first is understanding the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His messenger-may the peace & blessings of Allah be upon him-for verily many of those who understand them both or the understanding of many regarding them both hesitate when it comes to the knowledge of Arabic grammar.

The second is to establish the tongue upon the tongue of the Arabs that which is the speech of Allah-Mighty & Majestic-or that which has been revealed in the speech of Allah-Mighty & Majestic-so due to that the knowledge of Arabic grammar is very important, but grammar at first is difficult but towards the end becomes easy. And we bring an example of a house fashioned from sugar cane, its door being made of steel. Meaning: it will be difficult to enter but once one has entered it everything after that is easy so for this reason it is befitting for a person to strive upon learning the basics until the rest becomes easy for him. The one who says: “Verily Arabic grammar is hard” deserves no attention. Even to the point that the student actually imagines that he cannot master it and this is not correct, but focus on the first part and the rest will become easy. There is one who once said:

“Arabic grammar is difficult its steps are long When the one who does not understand it becomes proficient in it He desires to express himself in Arabic only to sound like the ‘Ajamee (non-arab).”

And this is not correct, we do not agree with this. Rather we say-Allah willing-Arabic grammar is easy and its steps are short its ascending is easy from the very beginning you will start to understand it.


* Ash-Shaykh al-Alaamah Muhammad Muhyee-ud-Deen Abdul-Hameed-rahimahullah-says in the introduction of his “At-Tuhfatus-Saneeyah” (The Precious Masterpiece): “..and the word nahwu (grammar or syntax) in the terminology of the Ulamaa applies to the knowledge of the principles that are known by the rulings of the case endings of the Arabic words when constructed to make sentences…”

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Posted 19 July 2006 - 11:27 AM

As-Salaamu alaikum

Jazaki Allahu khairan for posting this dear sister Amira.

Welcome to IslamWay Sisters biggrin.gif

InshaAllah you benefit from the forums -  I look forward to reading more of your posts inshaAllah.

Just a little reminder to my sisters to please use the Islamic greeting of Salaam at the beginning of your posts - jazakum Allahu khairan wink.gif

waSalaamu alaikum,

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