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Announcement: Topics and the right forums

Posted by Sarah-Anisah


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Assalamu'Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakhatu.

Insha'Allah to help with the smooth and efficient running of the forum I would like to ask sisters to help out a little. I would like to request that before you press the submit button to please check whether the forum you are posting in is the most apt one for your subject :). I know the Wives forum is the most visited and posted in but come on and share your posts throughout the rest of the forum!

Look what we have to choose from...

New Muslim Sisters/ Non-Muslims

The Da'yah

Muslim Wives Corner

Muslim Women Hejab & Islamic etiquette

Health, Beauty & Household Corner

Muslim Teen Corner

Islamic Rulings

Understanding Islam



JazakAllah khair dear sisters for your help!!