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Posted 03 January 2008 - 12:41 PM

Salaam aleikoum,
I typed some of the dua's I had in my dua bookie. I only have the prenunciation 'cause I can't type in arabic and it's translated into Dutch. So I would appreciate it if someone could help me out here. blush.gif I typed the dua's for Hisnol-Moslim, but didn't know if it is authentic. I only typed the ones that I know (not that I know a lot, but you know the big ones like Tirmidhi etc.). If you guys know Aboe Dawud, nnss-ie, Ibns-Soennie, Ibn Maadjah, Al-Hakim, Athhbie, Etterghieb, Zd Elm'd, El Djaami', El Fth etc etc tell me so I will also typ those dua's. unsure.gif Well anyway we'll see. Btw if you see a mistake or something isn't right please tell me. And everything is copied for my dua book so if you have a hard time reading it please forgive me. I hope that it will be easy for the people who are still learning arabic to read it like this. My apologies for any mistakes or if it's harder than normal.
Lots of love,
IPB Image

As-bahn w-asbahl-moelkoe lillh, wlhamdoe lillh, L ilh illl-Lah whdhoe l shrieka lh, lhoel-moelkoe wlhoel-hamd, whoewwa 'al koelli shy-in qadier. Rabbi s-loeka khayra m fie haathihil-leyleh w khayra m b'dhaa, w-'oethoe bika min shrri hthihil-leylh, w-sherri m b'dhaa. Rabbi 'oethoe bika minl-kssli wssoe-il-kibari, Rabbi 'oethoe bika min 'ethebil-qabri.

*Moeslim, 4/2088.

Allaahoemm bika Asbahn, wbika msynaa wbika nhyaa, wbika nmoet, w-ileykn-noeshoer.

*Tirmidhi 5/466, Sahih Tirmidhi 3/142

Allaahoemm nt rabbie, l ilh ill nt khalqtnie w-n 'abdoeka w-n 'al 'ahdika ww'dika ms-tta't. A'oethoe bika min shrri m san't, boe-oe lk bini'mtika 'aleyya w-aboe-oe bithembie feghfir lie fe-innhoe l yeghfiroeth-thoenoeb ill nt.
*Boechaari 7/150.

'oethoe biklimtil-Lhi ttmti min sherri m khalq. (3 x)
Tirmidhi, Ahmed 2/290, Sahih Tirmidhi 3/187, Sahih Moeslim 4/2080

Allaahoemm 'aliml-ghaybi wsh-shhdh, faatirs-smwtii wl-ardh, rabba koelli shey-in wmliekh, sh-hdoe n l ilh ill nt, a'oethoe bika min sherri nfsie, wmin sherrish-sheytaani w-shirkihi, w-n qtrifa 'al nfsie soe-n w adjoerroehoe il moeslim

Sahih Tirmidhi 3/142.

Radhitoe billahi rabbn, wbil-islmi dienen wbi-Moehammedin (p.b.u.h) nbiyya (nbiyyn).* (3 x)

Tirmidhi 5/465, Sahih Tirmidhi 3/141, *Ahmed 4/338

Soebhnl-Lahi wbihmdih, 'add khalqihi wridhaa nfsihi wzint 'arshihi, wmidd klimtih. (3x)
Moeslim 4/2090

Soebhnl-Lahi wbihmdih. (100 x a day)
Moeslim 4/2071

Y hayyoe y qayyoem, birahmtika stghieth, aslih lie she-nie koellhoe wltkilnie il nefsie tarft 'ayn.
Boechaari 4/95 Moeslim 4/2071

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Posted 03 January 2008 - 03:16 PM

Assalam alaikum Samira,

your duas seem to be fine, mashaAllah. I guess we all have our ways in writing them down and pronouncing them. Mine look even worse lol. I have a book called

Fortification of the muslim /through remembrance and supplication from the Quran and Sunnah/ complied and referenced by Said ibn Ali ibn Wahf Al-Qahtani

This book is available in almost every language, I have it in Arabic/Bosnic and Arabic/English, and its very easy to read dua that way, mashaAllah, because its written in arabic and you have dua written in "your" language + translation... I am sure you can find it in Dutch also.
The best thing is, it has absolutely every dua, for every occasion in it!

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Posted 03 January 2008 - 04:09 PM

Salaam aleikoum,
I also had to get used to te prenunciation tongue.gif . I also found it strange when I saw how it was wrinting lol too many 's lol. After a while it sunk into me that the is like the arabic A and the ' like the ain. The book that I have has also other dua's like for travelling and when waing up etc etc, but wanted to typ these ones first cause thats how you start your day. The man who wrote this little book is: Sa'ied Ibn 'Ali Ibn Whf El-Qahtaani. Anyway so still looking for the arabic translation and english one. unsure.gif
Lots of love,

Salaam aleikoum,
Just noticed that we are talking about the same person hehe laugh.gif

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Posted 29 February 2008 - 10:58 AM

As-Salaamu alaikum

JazakiAllahu khairan for this topic dear sister Samiraa.wub.gif

Please also see this link mashaAllah:


WaSalaamu alaikum,

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